When it’s time to move your cargo, you have a lot of choices. But your decision comes down to one thing – trust. You need a third-party logistics provider you can count on to get your freight where it needs to be:

  • In perfect condition
  • On time
  • At the right price

Your decision just got simpler. Harte Hanks, a premier non-asset-based provider of time-definite, third-party logistics and professional supply chain advisory services offers end-to-end freight brokerage, so you can move your cargo with confidence.


You have pallets or maybe truckloads of cargo to move. And customers who demand to know precisely when it will arrive. Every delay, dent or damaged crate costs money and time you can’t afford to lose.

You have more important things to worry about than whether or not you can trust your third-party logistics provider to do the job right.


With Harte Hanks as your provider, you get more than a skilled partner you can count on to deliver your cargo at a fair price. You get:

  • Experience: For nearly 30 years we’ve worked with thousands of companies nationwide and internationally to deliver a wide range of supply chain solutions. Every year we deliver thousands of shipments on time with unmatched customer service and unparalleled on-time delivery performance.

  • Scale: Tap into an extremely extensive network of carriers to meet your needs…any mode…anytime …anywhere.

  • Affordability: You need a fair price to move your freight, and Harte Hanks delivers.

  • Convenience: From brokerage services to our full suite of supply chain management solutions, we are truly the “one-stop” shopping company you always hear about.

  • Visibility: Your shipment remains visible to you from your dock to its destination, and every step in between. Our free, easy-to-use tracking system shows you the location of every shipment you place with us, and it’s available from any Web browser.

Wherever your cargo is, and wherever it needs to go – rely on Harte Hanks to get it there efficiently and on time.

The Harte Hanks Difference

Why do people choose Harte Hanks? It’s because we:

  • Listen to your needs and respond with the solution that fits “YOU” best.
  • Deliver competitive pricing without sacrificing performance.
  • Provide customizable software that helps you drive out costs and track your freight.
  • Have the experience and stability to be your carrier for one job, or for years to come.
  • Offer a full range of logistics and supply chain services, from transportation to software to modeling.
  • Treat you and your freight with expert care.
  • Help you reduce spend while improving performance.

Tracking your freight is critical to peace of mind. That’s why our in-house staff of IT professionals developed state-of-the-art, Web-based technology that allows you to monitor the progress of your shipment from order tender through delivery. That means no costly custom programming, implementation or waiting for “the vendor” to make changes to help your freight move more smoothly to it is destination.

And if your needs are more extensive, our team of logistics professionals will evaluate your costs, service and time requirements, then recommend a solution that meets YOUR needs. Often we deliver significant cost savings, yet we never compromise quality or delivery.

Next Steps

Move your cargo with confidence. Call Harte Hanks today.

Benefits at a Glance

  • An extensive network of motor capacity in North America means we can get your freight from wherever it is to wherever it needs to be, on time, at a fair price.
  • We’re available when you need us, 24x7, with dedicated support for your account.
  • Move your freight via truck, plane, ship … any mode, we handle them all, and take care of every detail for you.
  • See your freight move in near-real-time with our stateof- the-art tracking platform.
  • If your needs are more complex, you can turn to Harte Hanks for a full suite of supply chain and logistics solutions.

For more information, please contact:

Harte Hanks Logistics